How to get Uber to recognize sexual harassment in 41 easy steps

A female engineer has exposed Uber's sexism problem. It only took a few steps for her to do this — 41, in fact, so simple! — and if you follow the program, you too can see results at your own workplace.

Nicholas Negroponte says Apple is not helping the tech industry

The co-founder of MIT Media Lab and One Laptop Per Child has once again hit out at Apple for not coming to the table in regards to research and participation. 

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Uber intros surge pricing during Sydney hostage siege, then backtracks after user outcry

Exclusive: Uber briefly charged its users in downtown Sydney a minimum $100 to escape an armed hostage crisis, a result of automatic surge pricing meant to get more drivers online.

How not to get hacked by Russians (or anyone else)

There's been a lot of talk about Russian hackers infiltrating the Democratic National Committee's servers and then leaking sensitive emails via WikiLeaks. 

The one that got away: After 70 years, wartime lovers reunite

After 70 years, Norwood Thomas finds his long-lost girlfriend on other side of the world.

New chase for Bitcoin founder leaves everyone exhausted and no wiser

Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, is the most wanted man in the world. That is, he would be if he is a man, or even if he is still in this world.

The underground world of drone racing in Australia

There is an underground scene of drone racers in Australia, who are meeting up in rundown warehouses in the fringe suburbs of cities.

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The theories that fueled the hysteria around YouTuber Marina Joyce

There is a bizarre internet conspiracy brewing and if you have not yet heard the name Marina Rose Joyce, we are here to enlighten you. 

The social good company using social media to dominate

It all started with a plan to make something meaningful out of nothing.

A Farewell to Kings Cross: Our Friend, Our Enemy, Our Wild Times

The party is finally over.Kings Cross, the notorious red light and entertainment precinct in Sydney, Australia, is dead.

What does Mick Fanning do after battling a shark? Brews Australian beer

Australia's surf legend and shark-battler, Mick Fanning, has spent the year doing what all surfing legends and shark-battlers should do: brewing beer.

Ingenious dad builds telepresence robot to hang out with his kids

Matt Walker faced the problem a lot of divorced fathers face: How could he spend more time with his children.

The brave life of murdered Pakistani social media star Qandeel Baloch

Pakistani social media star and poster child for female empowerment, Qandeel Baloch, paid the ultimate price for being a modern woman

The 7 unexpected problems with having an Uber addiction

It started slowly. Just a little free Uber code from a friend and then you are watching those mini cars drive around the mini map like nobody's business.

A 12-year-old kid made himself Australia's prime minister for 2 days on Wikipedia

A brilliant Australian kid named Orley Fenelon decided he deserved the title as much as the next bloke (or sheila). So he did what any self-respecting Internet child does, and made himself the leader on Wikipedia.

105-year-old artist is winning fans across the world

Aboriginal artist Loongkoonan is proving that age is just a number by creating award-winning art well into her 100s. 

The mystery of Belle Gibson, who claimed she cured cancer with clean living

While thousands of faithful social media followers believed 26-year-old Belle Gibson was bravely battling five different kinds of cancer, the popular health ambassador was abandoning one of the biggest health claims to ever hit the Australian internet.

'None of it's true': What's behind wellness blogger Belle Gibson's web of lies

Australian health entrepreneur Belle Gibson was the poster girl for healthy living. The 20-something woman from Brisbane claimed she had survived multiple forms of cancer using a healthy diet and alternative therapies. It was all a lie.

Turkey's president releases statement via FaceTime as country in chaos

As an attempted government coup unfolds in Turkey, the president has given a statement to a local TV network via FaceTime. 

The story of a boy wohis missing mother on YouTube

A YouTuber has helped locate a missing woman living on the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

Everything we know about the mysterious ghostwriter behind Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech

The name Meredith McIver, which suspiciously rhymes with McGyver, was unrecognizable before Tuesday. Then everything changed. 

Teen whiz kid eyes Google, Facebook after creating addictive game

Ben Pasternak isn't your average Australian teenager.

Australia's teen ISIS fighter leaves manifesto and blows himself up

A young Australian Islamic State fighter, Jake Bilardi, has been identified by ISIS as having died in a coordinated suicide bombing attack in the Iraqi city of Ramadi on Wednesday.

The Migaloo mystery: Confusion over rare white whale spotted near Australia

"It is Migaloo."

Those are the words of a leading scientist who is 100% convinced the white whale spotted off the coast of Australia on Aug. 10 is the world famous albino humpback, Migaloo.

'Still Not Asking For It': Striking topless photographs call out rape culture

An Australian photographer has created a project called "Still Not Asking For It" that takes a stand against "rape culture" and sexual assault.

Duang: The word with no meaning that broke the Internet in China

There are only a few instances when the Internet goes into total meltdown over something circulating on social media. More often than not, its something meaningless that for an unknown reason piques the interest of the entire digital world in one fatal blow. Symptoms can include exhaustion, heart palpitations and in some cases, trust issues.

The anatomy of an iPhone launch

From Australia to New York, we followed from city to city as the world got its hands on Apple's new iPhone 6S.

A weekend with the Apple Watch: Is it worth the hype?

When you have an Apple Watch on your wrist you automatically turn into a bit of a tool. My arm was doing totally unnecessary maneuvers — hair flicking all over town, reaching for things I didn't need and I kept purposely pushing my sleeves up.

Beware: You may get this legal letter if you pirated 'Dallas Buyers Club'

Exclusive: If you have downloaded Dallas Buyers Club illegally in Australia, you may be receiving a stern letter in the mail.

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#SaveTwitter: How the fake hashtag created fears Twitter was shutting down

The dramatic hashtag #SaveTwitter started picking up steam on Wednesday, with people speculating the platform plans to shut down in 2017. The hashtag started as a joke about a bullied YouTube star before another YouTuber turned it into the Twitter shut down hoax.

The new Australian 49er: The low down on Jarryd Hayne

Sports fans in Australia have been going mental for a guy called Jarryd Hayne for months, and now Americans have a real reason to take notice.

Teens say they were kicked out of an Apple store for being 'dark skinned'

Exclusive: A group of Australian schoolboys are accusing an Apple employee of racism after they were kicked out of an Apple store.

This baby Harry Potter fan grew up to be like Hermione Granger

Taken in 2003, this adorable photograph of a six-month-old baby girl with her mum is a perfect example of early Harry Potter fandom. 

14-year-old Muslim girl dreams to be the first hijabi ballet dancer

A young Muslim ballerina wants other girls like her to know they can make a change — no matter their beliefs or the clothes they choose to wear.

Stormtrooper eats roadkill to survive 9,000km trek across Australia

Scott Loxley has been walking across Australia for more than one year, alone, dressed as a Star Wars Stormtrooper. He has gone through more than 20 pairs of shoes, eaten roadkill and slept in a swag by the side of the road.

2 Aussies who met in a chat room created a start-up valued at $500 million

Two guys from Sydney have received an extra $50 million in funding for their ecommerce startup, Bigcommerce, with the company's valuation hitting $500 million.

NYC bombing suspect's eBay and YouTube accounts give insight into his mind

The man suspected of planting multiple, highly lethal bombs around New York and New Jersey used eBay to source materials, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday in federal court. 

What you need to know about the government getting your metadata

Can’t keep up with the pace? You’re not alone. Here is a run down of what went down in Australia and what it means for you and your occasional visits to The Pirate Bay.

An online group claims it's calling in bomb threats around the world

Exclusive: There's a group that claims it's behind hundreds of bomb threats at schools around the world, saying it's using a stolen VOIP account to make them — and there will be more.

The Crazy State of Australian Politics: a Primer

There is something bizarre going down in Australian politics, and its name is Clive Palmer.

Humans of the world: Australian couple makes 365 documentaries in 365 days

Sydney couple Epiphany Morgan and Carl Mason have just finished travelling the world, filming 365 mini documentaries in 365 days.

The great Internet tale of 2016: A flock of seagulls storm a train...

A tale about a bunch of seagulls, a train and some hot chips has gripped folks Down Under.

It is 2016. Someone tell the Olympics.

Someone needs to tell the International Olympic Committee about the world today. Tell it about the internet, social media, globalization and that the way we watch sports has changed.

New Broadway musical sucks you deep into the internet

A new Broadway show is attempting to smash down the barriers between reality and fiction by using technology. 

You're probably using Lucas' Papaw ointment the wrong way

The red tube filled with Lucas' Papaw ointment is a cult product used by Australians — but some people are claiming it is just expensive Vaseline. 

Cookie Monster takes selfie with a quokka and kisses a kangaroo on Aussie adventure

Cookie Monster has been hanging out Down Under with the cute, cuddly and crazy locals.

14 things that prove Australia is definitely not a real place

Australia is an island in the middle of nowhere and many are starting to doubt its existence.

Terrible Telstra outages: Everything you didn't want to know you can now know

During the last few months, Australians have become increasingly concerned with the service of their normally stable and reliant friend, Telstra. Many assumed workers at the telecommunications giant had been slacking off at the pub. Apparently, that's not entirely true. 

Phuc Dat Bich's real identity revealed by former classmate

Phuc Dat Bich's real name has been revealed to Mashable by a former school friend.

Everybody calm down. ‘Bubbling’ is not a thing in Australia

The trend, which involves urinating into one's own mouth, has gotten waves of media coverage and ended the career of at least one prominent rugby league player.

2014%2F07%2F10%2F4b%2Fcrocdundee.57404 (1).jpg

11 Ways to Act Like a Local in Australia

Throw out your Crocodile Dundee DVD. Stop drinking Fosters. Ignore everything you know about death by poisonous creature. Australia is far more normal than you could ever imagine. Here's a guide to be real when you are Down Under — or as we like to call it, in Australia.