Jenni Ryall is TEGNA's VP of Digital Content. She is responsible for editorial best practices, audience experience and innovation across 47 local U.S. newsrooms. She is super passionate about serving  diverse communities and helping the local teams tell the stories that matter. 

Previously, she was Mashable's VP of Content Strategy, where she spent her time launching cool, new things such as Mashable Deals and Mashable Reels. On the other days, she was developing strong partnerships with companies including Apple News, Flipboard, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. 

Prior to this, she held numerous roles at Mashable including director of editorial programming, real time senior editor and founding editor of Mashable Australia. During her time at Mashable, she wrote extensively about technology, breaking news, digital culture, business and innovation. 

In a past life, Jenni was a writer, multimedia editor and morning editor for Australia's leading digital publication,, where she directed a 40-person newsroom and led coverage of national and international breaking news. She cut her teeth at the early digital powerhouse, Yahoo!, where she discovered the reality of a 5-minute deadline and the power of the internet. 

When she isn't working, she is drinking overpriced Pinot Grigio and googling "are tree goats real?" in her Brooklyn apartment.

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